EMAGINE Remote for Smart Phones

EMAGINE Remote for Smart Phones


You can now navigate through EMAGINE with your smart phone! This EMAGINE Remote allows you to:

  1. Navigate EMAGINE fully with your mobile phone/device
  2. Key in text when you are searching, creating playlists, sharing videos to Facebook and more
  3. Key in text in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai and other languages using your mobile phone/device
  4. Access shortcuts with the colour buttons

    1. Download and install EMAGINE Remote.
    2. Connect iPhone/iPad to the same network as EMAGINE TV.
    3. Launch EMAGINE Remote on iPhone/iPad.
    4. Press “HOST MANAGER” on iPhone/iPad and add EMAGINE TV by entering the IP address.
    5. Start controlling EMAGINE TV with your iPhone/iPad.
    1. Ensure your smartphone/tablet is connected to the same network as your EMAGINE
    2. Launch the EMAGINE Remote Control app
    3. If you haven’t set up EMAGINE before, you will be prompted to go to “Settings” to set it up
    4. Press “Settings”, select “Menu” and choose “Add EMAGINE” to connect your EMAGINE Remote to your EMAGINE unit
    5. When you select “Add EMAGINE”, the following fields will be shown:

    Name your EMAGINE
    This is where you key in your preferred name for your EMAGINE unit, especially if you have more than one unit of EMAGINE at home. You can name it whatever you like, as long as it helps you remember which EMAGINE unit you are connecting to. Examples include “EMAGINE Living Room”, “EMAGINE Bedroom 1” or just “EMAGINE”

    IP Address
    This is where you need to key in the “IP Address” for your EMAGINE. An IP Address is automatically assigned to your EMAGINE every time it is connected to the Internet.

    To find out the IP Address for your EMAGINE unit, from the Home Screen of EMAGINE, go to SETTINGS and select “Network”. The IP Address is in the form of numbers and full stops, for example: (do not use this number – use the actual IP address shown on your EMAGINE)

    Key in all the numbers including the full stops (no spaces between) as shown on your EMAGINE. If you have more than one EMAGINE unit at home, each EMAGINE unit would have a different IP Address.

    HTTP API Port
    The default number for this is 80 – this is for information only and you do not need to change it.

    After you have keyed in the details for “Name your EMAGINE” and “IP Address”, press OK.

    Press the “Back” button on your device, and select “Use as Remote”

    Please note that your IP address may change each time you restart your internet router, and you may need to re-enter your EMAGINE IP address into your EMAGINE Remote Control. If you can’t connect your EMAGINE Remote Control to your EMAGINE, please check or re-enter your IP Address, and ensure your smartphone/tablet is connected to the same network as your EMAGINE.


    Whenever you see a text input screen on your TV when you’re using your EMAGINE, you can key in text on your EMAGINE Remote and “send” the text to TV. Examples include when you’re keying in your WiFi password, when you would like to search for an online video, when you’re logging into EMAGINE for the first time, when you want to share a video you watched to Facebook, and when you use apps like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on EMAGINE.

    You can also key in Chinese and characters in other languages too, as long as your device supports these languages.


    1. You can control EMAGINE’s volume using the volume button on your Android phone/device
    2. MENU Button: Show Options
    3. RED Shortcut Button (Videos): Add Video to Favourites/Playlist
    4. RED Shortcut Button (Photos): Photo information, slideshow etc
    5. GREEN Shortcut Button (Videos & General): Show Fullscreen/Overlay
    6. GREEN Shortcut Button (Music): Show Auto-Lyrics/Playlist View
    7. YELLOW Shortcut Button (General): Show Additional Options
    8. BLUE Shortcut Button (Videos): Search within YouTube, Vimeo, Net TV, Playlists etc (category search)

    Please contact the EMAGINE Team at www.facebook.com/MyEMAGINE or email to apps@emagine.my